Raft Rat Race

Solve the challenges and puzzles on dry land to earn the vital equipment your team need to build a raft. Can your team paddle your way out of the rat race and find the submerged treasure in time?

The event starts with a team briefing before you head off and work together to secure the vital equipment needed to build a strong raft by completing our toughest challenges on our team building assault course.

With the land challenges complete and rafting equipment obtained, construction begins and the teams take to the water to compete against each other to recover the treasure!

At the end of the challenge only the teams who have managed to retrieve our lost treasure will be victorious and a step ahead of the Rat Race.

Assault course can be changed to archery for a half day event and assault course, archery and raft building are included for a whole day event.

Call or email to book.

Minimum of five participants.

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Is Raft Rat Race available all year?
Unfortunately, the section of water we use is not available October - March! It's generally a bit cold during these months anyway. If you are looking for an event during the winter, take a look at our Mission Impossible package.

What do we wear?
You WILL get very wet and very muddy! Please wear old clothes that can get covered in mud, including old shoes that you are happy to jump in the water in!

What do we bring?
A complete change of clothes (don't forget dry underwear!), an old towel, dry shoes and a bin bag to chuck all your wet, muddy stuff into!

What facilities are at the site?
We have been using our Hewish site for years but it is a very basic, greenfield site. We have put a basic toilet block in with sinks but unfortunately, we don't have any showers, just the river! Please make sure you bring plenty of drinking water.

What happens if it rains?
You're going to get wet anyway, rain makes everything more fun!

How 'tough' is the assault course?
As tough as you want it! Our instructors are experts at tailoring the course to your group and what you are trying to get out of the day! We have had every type of group on the course, from ex-army to school groups, to team building to stag and hen groups meeting for the first time. Just let us know what you are after, a bit of fun and a laugh or to be put through your paces, we can do it!

Can we wear fancy dress?
Of course you can! Just prepare to be mocked by the instructors!